Weird Facebook Hacking Attempt

Somebody tagged me in a Facebook status, which links to a pastebin which leads to massive disaster. Autotagged bunch of my friends, and auto followed lots of junk stuff. I immediately deleted all those comments, untagged everybody, unfollowed, and reported everything. I changed my pass, enabled all possible security.

Facebook Sharing & Engagement Is Not Free Anymore

Nick Bilton wrote an article how Facebook engagement dropped, and works only when you pay. Its a shame. I also have same kind of result. And I also did test. Without paying its not possible even to reach to your 1% user, who are already subscribed, or like your page. Its not unintentional algorithm, its Facebook’s business approach.

What Are People Writing in Facebook wall

I agree facebook is now part of our life. But people really gone insane. They really don’t consider what are they writing. Check out this below funny and embarrassing walls – Lesson #1: Don’t trash talk your boss.

How To Play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker in Facebook

All of My Friends going crazy recently about playing Poker online. I was not much of a Poker Player. But watching others interest specially Faiyaz, Mamun, Antu i decided to give it a try.  I could play normal poker, but here i see its not basic poker they are playing. Its Texas Hold ‘Em. Here […]

Facebook User Alert: A Virus As Friend

Facebook is the most common social network. It has alexa rank 5-8. Its internationally Great Hit now. In my country its in pick now. Today i see a shocking news. Read Below and Be careful. Attention new viewers: those 5000 “friends” you have on Facebook? They might not actually be your friends. In fact, some […]