Introducing Alo – Server Probe

Let me introduce this tiny lightweight Server Probe - Alo! It gives you details information of your server. It helped me a lot in past many years, I am releasing it in OpenSource now under GPL license.

How To Install & Benchmark Linux Server Using GeekBench

As like any server geek, I like to benchmark whatever new recipe I am cooking. Geekbench is one of many tools I use to measure performance. Geekbench is easy, not too much resource extensive, so you could run it even in live production server, which everything keep working as it is. But I would suggest you run those operation in…

[Resource] Joomla To WordPress Migration

Even if its not about what you prefer, if its what serves your purpose, in the year 2015, you might want to migrate to WordPress, from what ever platform you are. As a member asked today at our Biggest WordPress Group – WordPressians, I had to digg a little bit, found few tools and resource, so wanted to share for…
No AdBlocking

AdBlocking is Crime, Just Like Piracy!

This is one controversial piece I wrote long time ago, describing my point why AdBlocking is crime, same as piracy. Read in details if the topic interests you, and feel free to comment your opinion.
UniServer WPReMix

Introducing UniServer WPReMix

UniServer WPReMix is a portable local server for Windows Operating System, which comes prepacked with WordPress. Its a simple zip package, you just have to extract and run, you will get a fully configured WordPress installed and ready for your test or local development. I made this to make things super easy for new WordPress developer. Its light weight, and…
Flush DNS

How To Flush DNS in Windows, Mac and Linux

DNS Flush is important for webmaster when you are changing Nameserver or updating DNS. And for user when some website you visit frequently updating their DNS, you also need to flush your DNS to see the change immediately. Here I will share super simple process to flush dns cache in any Operating System.

[Alert] Advertisement Purchasing Scam

First seen the report by blogger Ruchira. Now I also start to get emails containing subject “Interested in Purchasing Advertising: site address“. Here I will share details of the proposal, why its sounds bad, and surely bad and why you should not fall for it.