UniServer WPReMix

Introducing UniServer WPReMix

UniServer WPReMix is a portable local server for Windows Operating System, which comes prepacked with WordPress. Its a simple zip package, you just have to extract and run, you will get a fully configured WordPress installed and ready for your test or local development. I made this to make things super easy for new WordPress developer. Its light weight, and…

Google Chrome OS: Upcoming Fastest & Rocking OS

Lots of us looking forward for Google’s Chrome OS. Google has release its source code. There is no official ISO or released version. But anybody with Ubuntu or Linux could could get source code and follow instruction to make his own iso. This OS is fast, it rebuilt the idea of Booting. It could boot […]

FREE one year license Of Best Malware Software With Winrar License

We would like to inform you that the publisher Emsi Software will be offering FREE one year license for their product ‘a-squared Anti-Malware’ during 24 hours on the 11th of November 2009, starting from 11:11 A.M. (CET). This premium security software was ranked Number 1 on PC Security Labs anti-virus test and was the winner […]

Ubuntu 9.10 Released. Netbook Remix Version For Laptop & USB Boot

I Love ubuntu for once and all. Ubuntu got new update 9.10, code name Karmic Koala. Here i will describe new version feature and some infos & links about USB version and Netbook Remix edition. Quick Links: Ubuntu 9.10 Feature Tour – Here Get Ubuntu 9.10 – Here Download Ubuntu 9.10(Official Option) – Here Download […]

Windows 7: First Look And Download Link

Windows 7 Here Comes Official First Look Of MicroSofts Future Operating System. It will replace Vista In Future. And It seems MicroSoft learns some leason after such critisism Vista Recieved. Its Code Name is Windows 7, MS usually announce real name just before final release and it seems yet long way to go. From my […]