Adda With Asif | Guest: Aslam Multani & Anil Gupta (E04) – The Success Story of Multidots

Here is the Full Version of the 4th Episode of ‘Adda with Asif' where I had Aslam Multani & Anil Gupta, from Multidots! This is the first Adda in English! Multidots has a very unique company culture, which impressed me years ago! In this informal discussion (Adda) we spoke how they started, their childhood, the first 5 year struggle of the company, and the key to their success. This Adda has several candid moments which anybody related to WordPress or service business or from this Indian sub-continent should purely enjoy.
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Adda with Asif | Guest: Mir Shahrukh (E03) – Future of Singularity & Bondstein

In this episode of Adda with Asif I had Shahrukh with me. He is the Founder CEO of Singularity & Bondstein. Despite being very young, Shahrukh is running several very sustainable and high-voltage startups. This one turns out to be a true Adda, where I had to answer his question as well. We also spoke about investment, present Bangladeshi scenario, what I think, and how an ideal exit could be designed.

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Adda with Asif | Guest: Adnan Imtiaz Halim (E02) – Story Of A Corporate Founder

This is the story of Adnan Bhai, CEO of, one of Bangladesh's fastest growing, very promising startup. Adnan Bhai in Corporate Background for nearly a decade before he started his entrepreneur career. This story is very interesting.

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Adda with Asif | Guest: Fahad Ibna Wahab (E01) – Story Of An Entrepreneur – Zero To One

When you start something new, you start with lots of energy, you plan to do a lot of things and plan to go far, but most of the time you fail in the process. So, am I something different, and better than this? No! I am just like you. I fail even more!

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“You sleep like a Singaporean man!”

Reading this interesting article ‘Find Out What Country You Sleep Like” by here –


It lists average sleep patterns of Men & Women separately for 20 countries. Here are few interesting finds from the article –

1) On average, women all over the world sleep about 30 minutes longer than men.

2) Dutch women get 8.4 hours of sleep each night, which is the highest in the world.

3) Singapore Men sleeps lowest in the world.

I used to sleep exactly 5.5hrs every day, now for a while, I am sleeping about 6hrs, where my target is to reach 6.5hrs. Adequate sleep is very important. If you have sleep deprivation for a long time, it will directly impact your creative capacity and memory function. And oversleep will not only make you lazy, it will cause tons of health issue.

Why Do I Choose To Invest in Bangladeshi Tech Startups?

Last December I was invited by GrameenPhone Whiteboard to present a keynote at the FundStarter Event about my Investment Experience in Bangladeshi Tech Startups. It was a closed-door event, and they allowed me to share my experience freely. It was a very blunt presentation, where I spoke from my experience why I invest, what works and what are the main reason startup fails here.

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দু:সময়ের প্রাপ্তি : আমি কেন বেসিসে নির্বাচন করছি


বেসিসে নির্বাচন কেন করতে চাই, পজেটিভলি এই প্রশ্নেরই উত্তর আমাকে দিতে হয়েছে অনেকবার, কারণ আমার কোম্পানিও ভালো চলছে, একই সাথে লোকাল মার্কেটেও আমার কোনো ব্যবসা নেই। সাধারণত দেখা যায় এমন কোনো ব্যক্তি বেসিসের নির্বাচনে আসে না। কাজেই প্রশ্নটা আসা স্বাভাবিক, আমি কেন বেসিসে নির্বাচন করছি।

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Bootstrap Is Using Our ‘Dokan’ Multivendor Marketplace Solution!

This is an incredibly happy moment for my company weDevs, our entire Dokan Team, for anybody involved in OpenSource, specially for our beloved WordPress community and also for all Bangladeshi people.
Bootstrap is the most popular front-end library in the world, which is basically part of any modern website. And guess what – they are using our solution to create their marketplace. What could be more incredible than that?

Team weDevs at Company Retreat – Hotel Seagull, Cox's Bazar, December 2017!

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Cricket Is Just A Game, Don’t Take It Too Seriously!

Cricket is the only game that I care, that I'm passionate about. Still this is just a game, and you should never take it too seriously. But we, as a nation, as a generation, do take it too seriously, which is very very wrong. I have publicly wrote about in past writing again. It's game and there will be always win or loose situation. Pushing it too much as representation of a country is wrong. Maybe I am too young for such a profound philosophy, but I have this understanding also for my team, Bangladesh Cricket : The Tigers! For past 20 years we have seen how unpredictable games could be, and how hard it could be on your emotion if you consider it more than a game. And see one statement is still true for past 20 years – ‘We have long way to go'!

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