YouTube Itself Doing Harlem Shake

YouTube Itself Doing Harlem Shake, reported by TTJ. So, in YouTube all you have to do is in their search box type ‘Do The Harlem Shake’ and press enter and see the magic. Enjoy the Harlem Shake meme.

My First Mobile Blogging Try

Just few days back, read an article on wp dev blog about wordpress on the go. But there the writer, she tried clear comment junk via iPhone. Here I am now trying to post blog article. I had CCNA class today, but after the class while trying to get back home there comes Dhaka’s pathetic […]

What Are People Writing in Facebook wall

I agree facebook is now part of our life. But people really gone insane. They really don’t consider what are they writing. Check out this below funny and embarrassing walls – Lesson #1: Don’t trash talk your boss.