I agree facebook is now part of our life. But people really gone insane. They really don’t consider what are they writing.

Check out this below funny and embarrassing walls –

Lesson #1: Don’t trash talk your boss.

Lesson #2: Always be thankful for what you’ve got.

Lesson #3: Family always comes first.

Lesson #4: Love letters should be kept secret.

Lesson #5: Don’t skip Geography.

Lesson #6: I mean, really, dear, don’t.

Lesson #7: Don’t skip English either.

Lesson #8: Don’t ruin surprise parties.

Lesson #9: You can’t assume anything.

Lesson #10: Keep the jargon to yourself.

Lesson #11: Always make your mom proud.

Lesson #12: … by don’t telling her your plans.

Lesson #13: Keep some things to yourself.

Lesson #14: Not everyone is your friend in this world.

Lesson #15: And yes, men are always men.

2 thoughts on “What Are People Writing in Facebook wall

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