1. stressed   •  

    I been trying to do everything as u just described but it dosent work! I have tried multipal times too and now it dosent even show the logo anymore, just a black screen.HELP!

  2. aero   •  


    Thank you, but i cant see any video tutorial.

  3. pao   •  


    connect and then disconnect it from the pc and recharge it a little bit until all you see is the red battery and the apple logo flashing at the screen. and then follow the video instruction.

  4. aero   •  

    hey there.
    I was updating my iphone 4 to 6.1.3 and now its stuck on itunes logo and USB cable. I tried to restore it but no use. Can u help me?? Thanks in advance .. I would really really appreciate your help.

  5. BBL   •  

    Thank you soooo much for this. You’re a life saver. And money saver too. Lol. Was about to take it to an apple store. You are amazing.

  6. Mauricio Ducheylard   •  

    Dear Asif,
    Thanks a lot for this article, it saves me some weeks ago, and my iPhone looks to be ok, but…

    last week it gets stucked again at “restore” but this time, it is impossible to shut it off!!

    What can be?
    any theories?
    button is ok, but as I can’t turn it off, I can’t put it in DFU mode, or reboot or nothing.

    I really appreciate all people like you, who knows how to solve this ind of problems and share it with the rest of us, so please if you don’t know about what I’m telling you, well, just bad luck for me, don’t feel compromised to help (more) in any way.

    Any theory, will be appreciated. Thanks a lot, again.

  7. Michelle   •  

    Thank you! This is the only thing that worked for my iPhone 4.

  8. MeraVera   •  

    Asif, you effort is highly appreciated. bless you! 🙂

  9. Monique   •  

    Thank you so much, this is the only thing that worked!!

  10. kerry   •  

    OMG thank you phone was totally broken I tried every tutorial out there and didn’t fix it but yours worked! thanks so much!!

  11. Md.Ashraf Hossain   •  

    i have a problem “Error: 1015″ while updating IOS 4.2.1. Plz any solutions for this? Help me out plz..

  12. Hardeep   •  

    My iphone 4 is flashing on apple logo . It is not getting start please help me what should i to do .Phone was jail break nd i update Cydia after that when i start Iphone apple logo flashing please help me .

  13. djchayan   •  

    Doesn’t Work for me mine stays stuck in loading apple power+home doesn’t work on it and eventually it just shuts off by itself for a sec then comes back to apple loading repeating this til runs out of battery power even after batterie dies i conectto try and see if while loadinh connected to pc itunes detects it and not even works what should i do?

  14. LeChat123   •  

    I add my thanks. Your clarity is a breath of fresh air. You saved me a world of hurt.

  15. jaagii   •  

    thank you very much. before i watched and used many tutorials but i can’t put recovery mode. i just see this tutorial then i do it. thanks

  16. usman   •  

    sir can u plz solve my problem i am using my iphone 4 with gevey sim card and suddenly my fone screen turns black ,i press home and power button for 10sec but all in vain…..but my sim is working it recieve msgs calss but nothing shown then i wait till battery dead i dont knw now when i plug the charger it heats up and wont turn on…….i did all the above methods plz sir reply me as early as possible

  17. utsav   •  

    sir i knw ur rite bt the same thing happened with me the jailbroken 3gs n nw its stuck in appl logo if put in the mode as u say n update after downloading the firmware n restoring it says some errors when i change the values in the hosts as the outube people sa ip address blah blah another error comes what to do m stuck forever any new sugggestion

  18. Jeff R   •  

    I purchased a refurbished iPhone 4 from AT&T but it didn’t work out of the box. I found your site and followed your guidance. It took a couple of attempts – I received a series of error messages in iTunes. However, each attempt seemed to bring me closer to full restore. Ultimately, it succeeded. Many thanks!

  19. thiagu   •  

    thanks a lot asif… i’m successfully restore my device with ur guide.. thank u.

  20. wq   •  

    omg! Thank you so so so much!! it worked! thanks so much for sharing your advices!!

  21. Gaurav Parmar   •  

    hello sir

    I am restoring my i phone 3gs’s setting at that time it hang and showing only apple’s logo…. neither it restart nor it turn off please suggest me what to do?

  22. Billy   •  

    I have tried to put the phone in recovery mode and dfu mode countless times. I can get it turned off and on and I can get it to the connect to iTunes screen. Each time I try to restore it on iTunes nothing comes up. It’s like the computer doesn’t know the phone is even plugged in. I have also tried using the red sn0w program I used to jailbreak the phone in order to restore the phone- it keeps saying that I didn’t put the phone into dfu mode, but I know that I did. I need some help on this one. I have been through countless forums and websites. I have tried SO many different options and nothing has worked. Please help me if you can. I am desperate and am getting ready to just call it quits. Thanks so much

  23. Hassan   •  

    Thnx Brother U Given my iphone back!!

  24. Lobsterious   •  

    Thanks a million!! it works!!

  25. Alex   •  


  26. Michael   •  

    Thank you!!! u saved me!
    thanks alot

  27. zizi   •  

    thanks! saved my life. HAHAHA.

  28. Iku   •  

    Can someone helped concerning my iphone4 got stuck on apple logo.. Abeg wetin can i do.. It’s my baby oo.. Abeg oo na beg i dey beg oo … Admin do something ooo

  29. Dennis El Jor   •  

    shit! so now its telling iphone cannot be restored!!!!!!!! uknown error occured(1015) i have faith in u some1 fix my iphone!

  30. Dennis El Jor   •  

    Okay! so i put it in recovery mode, and itunes dowloaded software for update but hasnt done anything! PLEAAASE i need an answer soon i cannot live without my iphone i need to know what to do!
    so it downloaded and before it was done the plug in to itunes thing with a USB disappeared! what to do now!?

  31. Christina Blair   •  

    I have reset my Iphone 3Gs and after it shut off it is stuck on the apple logo and the recovery mode or DFU will come up on my computer IDK what else to try

  32. akhmad sabri   •  


    I bought a 3gs off someone and when i reset the phone, it got stuck on the apple logo.
    After i let go the power button, nothing happened.
    can you please help?


  33. Nefi   •  

    Thanks… it realy works

  34. Mithu   •  

    Awesome help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Mithu   •  

    U r awesome. I was gonna mad with my new iPhone 4 while it didnt work even didnt get charge. I have gone to Bashundhora city but the market was closed that’s why i started browsing to search solution regarding this bcz i cant but search to see its working then i got this site and according to ur sug my iPhone is working now. Thanks Asif vai a ton…….

  36. pooks   •  

    thank u thank u thank u sooooo much been surfin web for 3 hours finally got some help u r a deadset legend people like u that make the world a better place god bless you

  37. br1   •  

    awsome help,

    Much appreciated!!! have a nice day

  38. RicardoRagwen   •  

    My Iphone is stuck at the apple logo and wont move what can i do? I’ve tried everything you could think of including what is discussed at the top but nothing works can somebbody suggest somdething please? I’m desperate send me and email with a useful linkk or a solution it would be hugely helpful

  39. cimo   •  

    I 1st of all salute you.it freeze at the apple logo then after some times it goes back to charging the battery showing red.it do not even connect to my pc. i need your help

  40. vinusha   •  

    OMG! thanks.. it works man.. 😀

  41. assass   •  

    guy i download icy i click on it and after some seconds all of my apps deleted only facebook was available . i turnt my phone off then it stucked at apple logo

  42. Ordinaru   •  

    by mistake i update my iphone 3g from itune now i have the itunes logo with the usb stuck on my screen. Can you tell me what to do to fix that…i try meny things from google but nothing work same logo itune whit usb…some help..apreciate the work.tanks i wil by watting

  43. sacko   •  

    Thanks alot. My problem got solved.

  44. soos   •  

    OMG! Thank you !!

  45. kat   •  

    i had a jailbroken 3g. i used blackra1n to unlock it before when i accidentally updated my iphone. just last week my battery was drained then when i charged it, it’s wasn’t charging and now stuck in apple logo. searched online and i was able to have the screen(connect to itunes logo appeared) recognized itunes when i press home button after connecting it to a usb which is connected to my mac. but i am afraid to restore since there might be versions that will prevent me from jailbreaking it again and they said blackra!n is no longer updated.

    i don’t know the version of my iphone 3g
    i don’t know what software to use to jailbreak it
    will it require the original sim which i don’t have
    and what’s o2?

    help please?!?

    would really appreciate it

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    I am agree with your opinion. I am interested to get further information about all that. I have bookmarked blog, thanks for sharing information.


  47. bobby   •  

    Hi i have an iphone4 and new to jailbreaking but was enjoying my time with all the excitement and accidentally installed a file that i think was a droid file as a software update for my iphone and it stuck ON in the APPLE logo. i CANT tell when its shut off unless i run the power down. and it continuesly reboots every couple mins. Can you help? panicy, cant afford this phone as it is lol bu ti love my phone.

  48. Wicked   •  

    I was trying to turn off my iphone but it goes back on after few seconds with the same apple logo. i get so irritated and just left it and i don’t know how it happened, it goes back to normal without restoring it in itunes.. strange…whewww!! That made my hands sweat!
    Cheers! You saved lots of iphone users!

  49. Ashif   •  

    Thank you very much for providing such valued information. Your site is very helpful

  50. Rawan   •  

    My iPhone is jailbreaked, and you said in order to enter DFU Mode u have to shut it down first, but how can I shut it down if I’m not getting a response at all! All I’m getting is this annoying blinking of the apple logo! What am I supposed to do? Help please!

  51. mo   •  

    press the middle button, when u press enter and it goes in the usb, take it bak out the long thing the wire, press it in the midle until it dont make a a noise the i phone and then push it in soo hard and when the noise comes that means it works then take it bak ouit

  52. john   •  

    Thank you very much for the is info…

  53. Guest   •  


  54. Connor   •  

    ive put my iphone 3gs into DFU mode and restored ect.. but now i am getting the same screen with the loading circle in the middle. any ideas? thanks

  55. Choonyik   •  

    I can’t even turn off my phone ! It’s stuck at apple logo , so now i can’t get into DFU mode and Recovery Mode , HELP !

  56. Sue   •  


    My iphone 4 just went blank on me this morning and I tried following your advice on restoring the setting but keep getting the message that my iphone can’t be restored due to an unknown error 1611. My phone is not even jail broken yet….

    Any help on this is appreciated!

  57. Griffin   •  

    Hey, thanks. My iPhone was jailbroken and almost bricked but you helped when no other website would tell me what i needed to know.

  58. Asif   •  


    iam using iphone 3gs 4.2. and when ever i switch of the phone. after that it only shows apple logo only. what can i do….

  59. Barrie   •  

    A very warm thankyou for your advice. I will keep your address and pass it on to my friends. Best wishes… Barrie.

  60. Talha Ayaz   •  

    Oh !! Thanku, thanu, thanku, thanku, thanku and thanku
    May Allah bless u !! 🙂

  61. Joyce   •  

    I tried to update my software and initially i got the apple logo. I reset my phone and now i have the itunes logo with the usb stuck on my screen. Can you tell me what to do to fix that.


  62. Robert   •  

    Hey im wondering if you can help me out ive tried restoring my iphone after i installed a new lcd it was working. and then it just got stuck on the apple logo so i tried restoring it again and it gets stuck on the apple screen with the loading circle at the bottom. I cant put it into dfu mod because i dont have a power/sleep button do you have any ideas?

  63. Kevin Patel   •  

    Thank-you ASIF Sir very much……

    for this problem i need to spend Rs.1000/- for getting my iPhone as it was……

    and here i’ve done it for free….
    thank-you very much….

  64. moneer   •  

    will this method delete all my files and apps?

  65. moneer   •  

    Will this method delete all my files and apps?
    Plz reply ASAP.

    Thank you

  66. moneer   •  

    Will this method delete all my files and apps?
    Plz reply ASAP.


  67. Lance   •  

    Thank you – it took a few tries, but it worked – not even apple could get me through it – in fact they are sending me a new iphone 4 overnight

  68. marcelo aliaga   •  

    Muuuuchas Gracias……. me sirvio tu consejo
    Master of Pupets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. sony nguyen   •  

    Hey I was wondering, i tried restoring my iphone to its factory settings but now when i turn on it gets stuff on the apple logo and there’s the twirling circle meaning that it’s working. nothing happens after and it’s just stuck and my computer won’t recognise it. what can be done?

  70. abdi   •  

    hey i figured it out lol. Thankx very much for ur help i really appreciate it. Thankx alot again bro take care.

  71. abdi   •  

    Hey bro im having troubles with my iphone. A friend of mine jailbroke it for me and it worked fine for 2 weeks. We downloaded afew sources for it and downloaded some themes and so on. Somehow it started lagging and acting up and it really pissed me off so i went into settings and deleted everything off it. Then it wouldnt evan turn on and it just loads to the apple then the apple logo changed to another similar logo. I restored it and its still the same. If u reackon u can help me plz get back to me asap bro. Thankx man

  72. Tim   •  

    thanks you soo much. i fixed it straight away

  73. wes   •  

    i LOVE u

  74. Edward   •  

    im using iphone4 to do the above steps to DFU mode, but iTunes show me 3194 error, and my iphone keep frozen in that white apple logo, please help! Thank you

  75. jimmy   •  

    thanks a ton dude………..this really works………..thank you so much…..
    thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx ………..thank you so much

  76. Manoj   •  

    My iphone 3gs stuck on “connect to itunes” screen,and throwing and error “Error: 1015” while updating IOS 4.2.1. Plz any solutions for this? Help me out plz..

  77. sel_iphone4   •  

    hi i have a jailbroken iphone 4 and been using it for a while but today i downloaded an application of cydia and den after respring my phone i got the black screen so i tried using your method and my phone goes into DFO mode and my laptop reconized my phone but still nuthing came up in my i tunes.
    if u can please help me i love my i phone thank you
    e.mail:little_daywoo@yahoo.com or mr__dk@hotmail.com

  78. ahmad   •  

    thank you so much, i thought the phone was done for.
    i’m getting mixed answers and was wondering if someone can say for sure if iphone4 4.1 or higher is unlockable or not
    thanks again

  79. Braedo   •  

    My Iphone 3gs will not shut down. Everytime i connect it to my pc it just turns itself back on.

  80. Cristal   •  


  81. Raul   •  

    I jailbreaked my iphone4 and then by accident I clicked on up-date itunes which sent my phone into recovery.

    I used Tiny Umbrella to get out of recovery and used redsnow to jailbreak my phone again. I got into Cydia and had to reboot. My phone then got stuck in reboot and went between recovery mode and reboot. I tried restoring my phone but now that says there’s been an error and it cant be restored. Is there any other way of getting it to work? Even using RecBoot doesnt get it out of recovery mode, it simply goes back to the connect to itunes screen.

    I am right in thinking that Apple wont repair it cos I jailbroke it, right?

  82. Zabnet   •  

    thank you a billion times..keep it up..up up up up..

  83. Zabnet   •  

    thank you so much..keep up the good work and more power to you..i fix my iphone4 by myself..thank you a billion times..

  84. fizzyx   •  

    now its asking for my password.. which I know but the phone hangs up as soon as it restarts… and I cant enter anything… stucked… any recommendations.. ??

  85. fizzyx   •  

    thanks a lot…

  86. NAH   •  

    I tried to restore, but half way through the process, itunes says unable to restore. Still stuck in apple logo screen. What can I do?

  87. dental assistant   •  

    Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

  88. raag   •  

    thank yooooooooooooooo
    saved my iphone 4

  89. prateek   •  

    thank you soooo much……you should be in place of steve

  90. ahmed   •  

    im really glad to see GREAT Person like u, u r really amazin my iphone IS Working NOW 😀 thank you so much

  91. jay   •  

    does it matter if the simcard is present or not…

  92. superjec   •  

    i tried it but not successful. I got error code 1601. Any other suggestion/reco please to fix my iphone 4? thanks much

  93. superjec   •  

    I tried but no luck. I got 1601 error code – unable to restore. Any further advice how I can restore this?

  94. Nikola   •  

    Grate Info about apple 🙂 keep going

  95. rahemanwala imran   •  

    sallam bhai thank u very much

  96. joey   •  

    i have updated my iphone with 4.1v once i bought it. then i tried to jailbreak it using blackra1n. it happened that my phone is hanged with usb&itunes logo. i tried to restart the phone, and the logo still remain. i reckoned that the latest version (which is 4.1) is hard to jailbreak. isn’t it? i don;’t know. now i’m still waiting for recovery mode downloaded in itunes to restore. hope somebody will help me by email at khairi.traswaja@gmail.com

  97. Lovely   •  

    I’m having a crisis here. I was updating my iphone 3g and thought it wasn’t going to take long but it took longer than I thought, which was stuck at the same place for about an hour. I had to leave so had to turn off the pc and took off the usb in the middle of updating. Now it is stuck on the apple logo with the loading thingy. It’s been like that for hours and the recovery mode is not working. What do I do? How do I get out of it? I tried using a different usb port but it still doesn’t work. Help!

  98. Abscessed   •  

    thank you sooo much! you’re a lifesaver I was going to take it to the apple store! xxxxx a million thanks

  99. dhruva   •  


  100. omar   •  

    thank, thank you very much, i appreciate people like you

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