In this tutorial I will show you How To Tether An iPhone 3G To any Operation system including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu and also Mac OS X and use internet connection. Bangla Version could be found here – BDBlog.Net(Ok, I have dropped project, find the Bangla version at this TechTunes page.)

What You Need?

# iPhone 2G. 3G or 3Gs or 4G 3G HD
# Data Connectivity package on Mobile Subscriber. For my case I am using GrameenPhone p6 Package.
# Normal iPhone Data Cable/ PC Charger Cable.
# iTune Installed on System. Version must be 8.2+
thats all no other application.


For this process you must have Unlocked iPhone, or atleast JailBreaked. There is Free Unlocker for Older iPhone and Firmware. For latest iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3S, iPhone 4G & iPad Unlocking and Best JailBreaking Solution & Support visit

1. First make your iPhone Tether enabled. If you already have data connectivity enabled, then you will need Tether Profile.

a) From your iPhone Safari Browser visit this page
or this easy short link

b) Select Your Country and Carrier then download profile and install.

c) If you cant find your country then scroll down to the end of that page and click “Create your own”

d) Now just fill the information it ask. Put Carriername, APN and User,Password if have any. For my case the Carriername is “GP”, APN is “gpinternet”, and no User & Password needed. Just Click Download

e) Click Install and installing Tethering on iPhone will be completed.

2. Now you need iTune. Get any suitable version from this link. But make sure you have version 8.2+. Starting from iTune 8.2 it have carrier infos saved which help tethering possible. Just download and install it in your PC.


The link given here is only for Windows 32-Bit. Mac user supposed to have it already installed or contact Apple. If any Ubuntu User need help please comment here.

3. Now Connect iPhone with PC/Laptop with Normal iPhone Data Cable/ PC Charger Cable. No need to start iTune.

4. Now we have to Turn on Tethering from iPhone to start Browsing.

On iPhone Click on Settings. Go to General>Network>Internet Tethering, and turn on Tethering.

Whole Process is done. Now All PC Supposed to be using iPhone as Modem and you should be Connected to Internet via Your iPhone.
If you already have another Net Connection, still this Tethering internet will be in primary connection, means it will be automatically active. For testing Just Check Your IP address here –

How do you know its workings perfectly?
If it is successful, you will see a blue flashing Bar with the word “Internet Tethering” on your iphone.

BTW your iPhone will be busy when you actively using Tethering. And you will be billed as per your Data Connectivity.

For More Advance Guide about “Tether and Connect iPhone (1G, 2G and 3G) as Modem for Internet Gateaway” Check This Link.

24 thoughts on “Connect Your Computer With Internet Via iPhone 2G,3G,4G & iPad

  1. Hi I am luqman from pakistan i have iphone 4S and I have install cydia. But I want to use Iphone internet via Pc. I am faceing some problem .please adives

  2. thank u brother

    me 2
    after installation i couldnt find the internet terhering
    in General>Network – i have iphone 4

    and i install internet terhering from cydia

  3. Man! Man! Man! You are the MAN! Works Like a charm! Thanks Asif! Great post and keep it up! Now I can throw away that my Internet dongle. I can do anything now with my iPhone and PC.

    Thanks hey!

    iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.2.1

  4. I have found this web page very valuable for me. I ve bought an ipad 3G version from malaysia. I wanna activate GP P6 in my ipad. But after trimmed my sim down i want to know the procedures to activate that. Through ipad can i know the data usage of my package. Plz email me as soon as possible.

  5. I have a problem with the wi and my wi controller seem to have a malfuntion in the controller where i jack off at, it is wet and soggy all in side, what do i do?

  6. hi,
    after installation i couldnt find the terhering option either. my iphone is 3.1.3(7E18)and i am using itunes10(64bit) download from apple site. plz help me out.

  7. Thanks this article of yours regarding setting up the internet through the iphone was extremely successful and the explaination was great.

  8. I am planning to buy an iPhone4 with data package included and was curious if I can use it as a modem for my laptop so I Googled the question and found your blog. Thanks for your great post. It helps me decide and I’ll definitely go for an iPhone4 and ditch my expensive broadband home connection.

  9. hey dear plx help iphone apple 8gb not working properly…i can’t connect it with my system n also its blutooth not pairinh with other cell phones. ? ??
    wt can i do for solve this problm

  10. How about connecting the computer with internet via iPad? Is it possible? I own iPad 3G, and I am using internet via 3G SIM card. I really wish i could connect my computer with the internet via iPad. Please share if know how to do that. thanks

  11. Amazing blog post, this is very similar to a site that I have.
    Please check it out sometime and feel free to leave me a comenet on it and tell me what you think. Im always looking for feedback.

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