Today I suddenly got this trouble. All on a sudden I can’t do any thing with my iPhone. My iPhone is now Firmware 2.2.0 with Baseband version 02.28. Its unlocked and working flawlessly. I just changed the springboard theme image and iPhone becomes non-responsive.


1. Completely black screen. Nothing on the screen at all.

2. Could receive calls.( in the beginning i was able to enable while receiving calls).

3. Nothing happens on touching screen, or pushing home buttons or any other button.

4.  I examined and find out i could actually shut down and restart my phone. Though nothing on-screen at all.

5. Works and shows perfect on iTunes. Works perfect in iTunes, you could Sync back or even add any song or any apps via iTunes while connected with pc.

6. Could even charge.

After all  main thing is nothing in screen, absolutely nothing. The screen remains dead.


That’s the sweet part. Solution is easy. Just push home button and power button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. It will reset the phone without harming any data or setting. Now just start the phone as usual with power button. It will show Apple logo a bit longer, but it will start accurately and all problem solved.

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81 thoughts on “iPhone Sudden Non Responsive Black Screen Solution

  1. I got iphone5s and was using it smoothly, there was sudden blackout,and no vibrate cant do anything..i was like shocked for a moment. but i can call…or masege my iphone like on. but no sound and everything..

  2. It doesn’t work for me. I have Iphone 4s. I tried many times.
    My screen is BLACK and still in loading process. the apple sign won’t pop out.
    What shall i do?

  3. hi,
    My jail broken iphone 3gs with ios 5.o suddenly dead while 50% battery was still there. Now there is no any response with itunes as well as reset options like holding the power and home button together for 10 seconds, releasing power button …..
    Please someone help me.

  4. OMG it worked you realy dont know wat i have been going through the pass few days withour my phone!!!!!!! You have saved my LIFE bro. Jazakallah.

  5. Thank you very much i tried it by holding the home button and power on at the same time and it work God bless you

  6. Thank you so much for you help. I have a week old I-phone which has become an extension of my body. We just returned from a short family break where I took loads of pics only to get home and the screen would not power on. Thankyou for posting your tip , it worked immediately.

  7. This just happened to me, and this tip seems to have fixed the problem. I had started to panic a little. Thank you very, very much.

  8. Thanks so much! u were a great help i swear! my iphone4 now working as if nothing happens.. oh thank u! thank u!

  9. Thanks! From Texas. The phone just went black! I have never heard of this and lucky found this site! Way to go man! There should be more good people like you on this planet! Blessing and thanks

  10. honestly you just saved my life, I had a heartattack when my phone just went blank and I knew it wasnt dead! you are honestly a life saver! Do you know why this happened to us all?

  11. u saved my life my friend.. indebted to u for life!!!!!

    simple solution but gave me such relief…

    I’d hug u if u were to meet me…

  12. hi,yesterday i was pleaying a game on my i-poheit is 3gs and all of sudden screen goes black no response,i try and try it will on but goes off with in 2to3 sec,is it now junk of fixable,pls reply

  13. Sorry bro but this didn’t help…… i guess my iphone is really messed up. Funny thing is everything still works… itunes,vibrates, and i can hear my texts messages and incoming calls….

  14. Hi asif, I am from Bangladesh. Using 4G latest Version, I am experiencing same blackout problem. But Mine is bit different, when it blacks out I can receive calls and everything happening. actually I just had the problem now again, and after some hours the light comes up again! Next time it happens, I wish your tips works. If you have any other suggestion please write me. My Mobile is 01720286683.

    Thanks a lot bro! Great work.

  15. Thanks so so much Asif, I just applied it on Iphone4 and it worked , I thought that it was so serious damage and I was going to lose my data but as you posted it suddenly restarted itself and every thing went well.
    thanks again.

  16. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was so random and the sound was driving me crazy! You saved my buzzing phone from getting smashed like an annoying little bee!

  17. Wow, thank you for the advice, I can believe it worked like a dream first time :D. So great people like you out there doing a great service. Thanks

  18. I tried this but it has not worked, there is something there but it is very faded (in the background sort of).
    What now?
    Oh i have the 3GS by the way.
    Your help would be much appreciated as i use this for work too.

  19. thanks a lot buddy>..wuz so upset jus now wen it happened to my iphone n ur post solved my prob…
    thanks …n a million thanks buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Salam. I really hope you can help me. I was surfing the net through my iPhone3G then “low battery” prompt flashed on my screen, until it turned-off. I tried charging it but then i noticed after almost an hour of charging that the battery level on the screen does not turn green! I unplugged my charger and tried charging the same on another switch – still no changes. I got tired and thought that there must only be something wrong with my USB Cable. So the next day I bought another cable and tried charging my phone again. It worsened! It now doesn’t flash anything on my screen. it’s all black and when i tried plugging it on my pc, it does not prompt recognition of my phone/usb inserted. What’s wrong with my phone… please… im so desperate… please please help me… thank you so much…

  21. I got unlocked iphone4 and was using it smoothly, there was sudden blackout, cant do anything..i was like shocked for a moment. I googled and found your blog. Thank you sooooo much for the tip, its working fine now.

  22. Thanks man! your entry had helped me solving my wife’s iphone 3gs sudden black out!!!… Your entry didn’t mention what cause the sudden black out? I hope you know the reason for this sudden black out….

  23. wow! You are genius! this fix my worries for my iphone4, I just bought it a month ago and was shocked that it blacked out! This site is so helpful!!!

  24. Thank you so much ! My Iphone-4 was barely 2 months old and I faced the same problem you mentioned. Thanks to your blog. I fixed it in 10mins 😀 . Keep up the good work.

  25. Hello,
    My Iphone fell down, and then I got this blank white screen. I was getting incoming calls, but only problem was nothing visible on the phone. I tried pressing the home and power button for long, but nothing worked.
    Now I am getting a dull white screen. Have given it for repair and they are tellin that the display circuit has issues and need to be replaced. Pl advise

  26. I have tried this multiple times on my I-phone 4 nut it will not fix it.The screen is black but I can get phone calls and answer it but no screen. What else can I try????? Help

  27. OMG!!!! I can’t believe it worked!!! I was going NUTS!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING A WEB PAGE LIKE THIS!!! YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!! XXXXX

  28. Soory need to asking some thing about my i phone after i update the new version. After update ..It suddenly delete all my program inside the phone..Even the my sim card also can’t be read..Pls advice how to solve this problem..

  29. Whats You iPhone Version? I tested it on 2G/3G & 3GS. May be you could share your problem in more detailed way so i might try to help.

  30. this didnt work! i keep trying it and once the apple logo popped up then went away and stayed the same please help 🙁

  31. oh my gosh thank you so much your advice cleared up my problem immediatly. i was so scared when i was in school and that happend! thanks!

  32. I had the same thing happen to me recently. I brought it back to the office and put it in the cradle. A pop-up came up and said it was ‘fixing my phone settings’ and then it was restored. Didn’t know you had to do both home and power at the same time…

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