Cool Online Image Editor

Some time we needed it much, like newly configured pc or on a vacation. Windows Paint or Mac default image editor most of the time not well enough. And if the perpose is to using  for resize or to do small editing and the using image online then we must need a good and sufficient image editor. After doing a search i find some useful site. Here i will list selected 5 Best Online Image editor.

No 1. Free Image Hosting

FotoFlexer Is greatest as far i seen. Just load the image from pc or even from any remote link or even load it from other host like flickr, photobucket. Then edit as per need. Do crop, resize, adjustment, color balance, rotate and lots other super useful stuff. Then comes the sweet part. U could save this photo in your computer or you could upload it remotely instantly to all other image host, all major image host supported, or you could even upload at their site and share as you need, like hotlink or email or show to friends. This is a nice site. And BTW you even dont need to make an account to use their service.

Lol:D i am really thinking to make a such site like them. Kool.

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