WordPress Core Contribute

Easiest Guide To Contribute To WordPress Core

If you are just looking to start how you could contribute in WordPress Core, the possibility is after some digging you are getting a bit confused or thinking you might need a lot of CLI experiences to contribute. I am preparing this guide as anybody who could hardly code or near zero-cli experience could jump start.

[BASIS SoftExpo] State of Startup: Bangladesh 2020

In BASIS SoftExpo 2020, I helped to organize a Session named 'Growing Bangladeshi Startup Scene’, where I presented the Keynote with the title - 'State of Startup: Bangladesh 2020'. I feel this was a very important topic, where I bluntly [resented some real data, that shows potential & concern at the same time! So, would love to share the presentation…

I Am Attending WordCamp Asia (If It Happens)

I know most people are very confused about attending WordCamp Asia at this moment because of Corona Virus! I am going to attend with my Team WPDeveloper and many fellows Bangladeshi Friends(with tons of Indian, Pakistani, Malaysian and friends from every corner of the world) if the event happens.

“You sleep like a Singaporean man!”

Reading this interesting article 'Find Out What Country You Sleep Like" by It lists average sleep patterns of Men & Women separately for 20 countries. Here are few interesting finds from the article -