Google PageRank Update in Motion: Q2 Sep, 2009 Coming

Its not confirmed news, but after Caffeine update, its might be in motion. Last update was around February, 2009. Its already about 7 Month, Means 210+ Day.
And main reason is we are sensing some change in PR among BlogSpot Blog. We generally know BlogSpot blog got PR update frequently then sites. But Depending on few source and community feedback BlogSpot Blog’s PR changing. Most possibility is Google Changing some algorithm, they might be considering Yahoo LinkBack with more priority.
So People fasten your set-belt, PR update might come in 24-72 Hr. And might last time, for sometime all PR server might starts to fail and showing 0 PR for most site. Just dont worry. Exact PR will come to your site in time.

BTW i Think Best PR checking Site is – http://LinkX.In/pr


  1. umm…i am waiting for this update of PR…I hope it will be this month in September…

  2. Don Travali   •  

    Some people really overcomplicate things. Thanks for letting us know. Good read. Sometimes I wonder why people bother manually doing everything themselves.

  3. Mr.Carrot78   •  

    No one argues over whose oppression wins the high score, who has a right to exist, or whether my existence is a bad thing. ,

  4. SouthWind98   •  

    I am so glad that i was able to run in2 this blog! ,

  5. Pilna praca   •  

    I do not see PageRank changes for my 2-3 sites.
    I think Google update sites PageRank on the November or December.

  6. Polprav   •  

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  7. Web Pula   •  

    Definitely, the update is being scheduled for the second week in October. I hope we will see some changes in positive way.

  8. web   •  

    I think we have waited too long to know our pagerank this time

  9. Esenzendya   •  


    We have developed so many sites and now we are waiting for google page rank update. Hope we will get a good page ranks to all our websites.

    Do you have any idea when google will update the page rank of sites ?


    Best Regards,

  10. Kerala Recipes   •  

    I think the update will delay until guys just relax now.

  11. noone   •  

    G already updated for one of my major income earners slapping it back to 0. I haven’t noticed any major changes on my other sites though so its definitely not a major update yet.

  12. José   •  


    As a matter of fact I’ve seen zero pagerank once this week on a blog that I have with PR4.
    We’ll see.

    Kind regards,


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