As Working with iPhone i got this error. After iPhone Dev Team Released iPhone 3G Unlocker And Released Complete Solution for Both iPhone 3G & 2G And‘s famous Desktop iPhone Unlocking Tools, i was playing with some Friends’ iPhone, then i got this error.
iPhone 3G

Stating Of Problem:
Used JailBreaker, completed successfully or problem starts here. Suddenly iPhone hanged, Nothing on screen, Just Black with Apple.
I tried to reset Pushing Home Button + Power Button all together for 10 Sec. It did not work. Then tried to connect with iTune and reset, that did not work either. More over iTune Hanged Each Time i tried to select this iPhone from iTune window.

Solution is simple.
1. Shut Down iPhone. Try pressing Power Button for long time.
2. Start your iTune on PC. Make Sure iPhone is Turned Off. and not yet connected with iTune.
3. Press Home and connect iPhone Cable to PC same time.
4. You will see a message on iTune. Stated That
“iTune Has Detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.”

5. Click OK.
6. Now Select Restore if you want to download Firmware now, or Press Shift + Click Restore and select your already downloaded iPhone Firmware. user select 2nd Option Press Shift + Click Restore.

7. Then just upgrade or restore Firmware. You should know the rest Process.

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11 thoughts on “iPhone 3G Unlocking Error: Black Screen

  1. OMG you are awesome! I felt like I was ripped off when I called the technical support line gave me a $39 or $69 dollar option as if it was a privilege for them to tell me how to fix an issue with their phone they know exists. I could understand if I broke the phone or messed it up trying to unlock it. That wasnt my case. I downloaded the latest ITUNES update and the update suggested a phone upgrade. Yeah that was a mess and you are are a frickin genius and an angel…. you saved the day!!!!!! Thank you. Thank you!!!!!

  2. i did all of that and it did not work.All it said was.”only compatible Sim card from a supported carrier maybe used to activate iPhone.Please insert the Sim that came with your iPhone or visit a supported carrier’s store to receive a replacement Sim card”.And i don’t know what to do.

  3. hi..
    i got iphone 3g, my phone going black n white after im try to update my os 3.1, now my phone cant use anymore, it LOCK!!!…please help me to get me using it back…

  4. man… i installed a apllication from was about MMS. my iphone(3g) was on 3.0, Jail Breaked Unlocked.i did it my Self. but after the installtion it asked for a ‘reboot device’. i did that and then after that my deive reloaded but after that APple Icon nothing happens just a Black Screen. :S My Itunes cannot detect it even for restoration..PLS HELP ME PLS

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