This is an incredibly happy moment for my company weDevs, our entire Dokan Team, for anybody involved in OpenSource, specially for our beloved WordPress community and also for all Bangladeshi people.
Bootstrap is the most popular front-end library in the world, which is basically part of any modern website. And guess what – they are using our solution to create their marketplace. What could be more incredible than that?

Team weDevs at Company Retreat – Hotel Seagull, Cox’s Bazar, December 2017!

Notice the Happy me? I know it’s hard not to notice, but yes, I am super happy and proud of my Team, and the work we do!

Dokan, a WordPress plugin, is weDevs’s flagship product. It’s a multivendor marketplace solution and works with WooCommerce(world’s largest e-commerce solution). To simply put – it lets you create marketplaces like Amazon or AjkerDeal (Bangladesh), or Flipcart (India), or even sites like eBay as well. Its an OpenSource Solution, and been downloaded over 100,000 times. It’s been already actively powering over 8000 Marketplaces around the world.

I found this amazing news from weDevs’ Founder, my CTO, Tareq Hasan.


Digging more into that, Bootstrap announced their Theme Marketplace in a grand way. And when you look at their marketplace‘s source code you could see it’s built with our very own Dokan!


They not only used just the Dokan Plugin, the site you see here at –, the theme is also based on our theme!

I know this is not like a big MoU signing type news or something, but you see I am particularly like those people who find happiness in everything life gives you back. I have written about that in details in my semi-autobiography

And this one is really a good news if you consider the following.

  1. itself is almost Alexa Top 1000 website.
  2. Being a site and business these big, they could have developed their own proprietary marketplaces.
  3. Still they picked WordPress.
  4. They picked WooCommerce.
  5. They picked our Dokan Solution!

I am happy in every aspect! This is not about business entirely. Our pride is in the establishment of OpenSource. I am happy because they choose WordPress. And see how a team from Bangladesh could make a difference?

I am incredibly proud of my Team at weDevs, especially to our talented Team behind Dokan! Way to go!


Yes, Dokan is a Bangla word, meaning ‘shop’. Our founder chose to use it, to popularize a Bangla word internationally, and you see we are successful about it!


4 thoughts on “Bootstrap Is Using Our ‘Dokan’ Multivendor Marketplace Solution!

  1. Hey Asıf.
    Congrats on your success.
    İt’s good to hear one more success story.
    By the way, I also wanted to take your attention to one point about the name DOKAN
    You said in Bangla it means “shop”
    İn my Turkish language DOKAN also means “shop” 🙂
    And what’s more is, it’s used as DUKKAN 🙂

    Wish you all the best and to be able to share more in common… 🙂

  2. Congrats! That’s a big milestone. I heard about Dokan around a year ago and you guys did a pretty amazing job. I would like to know more about how you work as a team on daily basis. How you get new projects ideas and how you work on them from the beginning to the completion? We’re a WP dev team too and are experiencing some growing pains. So i’m curious about how you guys manage.

    1. Growing will always be a painful process unless you do it very right. I found empowering people is the best way. And if you divided team in departments, small working group, and create leadership among them that should work better. All of those are very basic, but each team is unique, so the solution is tailor-made.

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