I am wordpress lover and i have reason for it. I made almost all kind of site from wordpress, like blog(:D), news site, celeb site, magazine site, business site, product base site, membership site, CMS site and many more to come.

But here comes most amazing WordPress eCommerce Theme “WP-Shop” By Sarah Neuber. Its awesome and complete eCommerce theme. It has almost all option that oscommerce or cubecart have. Its the First Of Its kind which not  only looks like ecommerce site but actually have all functionality of an eCommerce Site.


Demo | Screen Shoot | Buy Now

Price Is only $35 USD.

It works for tangible goods and digital goods as well. Supports multible category with complete shopping cart management.

I Liked This theme very very much and decided to make  marketplace using this theme. So anybody want to make a site using this theme need help, from hosting to customization my company ARCom could help and give professional service. Please contact info@arcom.com.bd


  • Simple Breadcrumb navigation
  • Products are set using posts and categorized in single first level categories
  • Thumbnails using custom fields

Home page:

  • Displays the Title of each category along with a thumbnail image of the latest posted product from each category

Category page:

  • Displays the Title of each product along with it’s thumbnail image
  • Links to the details (single) page as well as displays a button to directly add the item into shopping cart

Single Page:

  • Displays the Title of each product along with it’s thumbnail image
  • Displays “other views” of the same product using a mini-gallery of images.
  • Uses the “jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries” plugin on the mini-gallery.
  • Displays upto 5 titles of related products.


  • Category display
  • Search
  • Recently added (3) products display with thumbnail
  • Track your order
  • Widget ready

Types of products you may add:

A note on Downloadable Products:

Product files are placed in a MasterData directory.

Directions as to where this directory should be placed to ensure your product files security are provided in the help PowerPoint presentation.

Upon payment confirmation, your customers are given their downloads link. Decide how long this link will be made available to them. From 5 minutes to 72 hours

Merchant Admin Options:

  1. Theme Options:
    • Provide Basic Information about your shop
    • Configure PayPal
    • Choose 1 from 6 different shipping calculation methods (all explained in the Theme’s Options)
      • Free,
      • Flat,
      • Flat_Limit,
      • Weight_Flat,
      • Weight_Class and
      • Per_Item
    • Set up the Confirmation & Shipping Notification email send to your customers
    • Configure the PDF document with the customer’s order
    • Set up the Google Maps link to your shop
    • Configure your downloadable products and upload license keys for them upon choice
  2. Manage your Orders:
    • view the information of each received order:
      • When?
      • Who?
      • How much?
    • Manualy send emails to individual customers (for pending orders)
    • Print order invoices
    • View PayPal transaction id’s
    • Change the status of each order from “Newly received & Paid” to:
      • In process
      • Shipped
      • Completed
  3. Statistics:
    • View Sales Statistics

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  3. Thank you for a great blog, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check later… Usually I don’t leave a comment but I wanted to let you know that I really like your site 🙂

  4. Sarah, attitude upon entering is insulting. A simple thank you would have sufficed but NOOOOOO… she has to assume that we’re criminals and warn us preemptively. It’s insulting. You’re a more patient man than I.

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  6. Thank you for writting about my theme.

    Please keep in mind that you may not resell or claim the theme as you own and that the theme comes with a single licence.

    Support for the theme is provided without cost from myself- the theme’s Author


    1. Hay, Thankx for reply such quick. Yes i added buy link from your sales page. I also mentioned your name as developer. All Credit to you, i just reviewed as i liked it. And proposed service like hosting with installation as my company provide that.
      I wish we could work together.

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