iPhone Sudden Non Responsive Black Screen Solution

Today I suddenly got this trouble. All on a sudden I can’t do any thing with my iPhone. My iPhone is now Firmware 2.2.0 with Baseband version 02.28. Its unlocked and working flawlessly. I just changed the springboard theme image and iPhone becomes non-responsive.


1. Completely black screen. Nothing on the screen at all.

2. Could receive calls.( in the beginning i was able to enable while receiving calls).

3. Nothing happens on touching screen, or pushing home buttons or any other button.

4.  I examined and find out i could actually shut down and restart my phone. Though nothing on-screen at all.

5. Works and shows perfect on iTunes. Works perfect in iTunes, you could Sync back or even add any song or any apps via iTunes while connected with pc.

6. Could even charge.

After all  main thing is nothing in screen, absolutely nothing. The screen remains dead.


That’s the sweet part. Solution is easy. Just push home button and power button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. It will reset the phone without harming any data or setting. Now just start the phone as usual with power button. It will show Apple logo a bit longer, but it will start accurately and all problem solved.

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  1. Sian   •  

    Amazing, I was super worried my phone was broken. So glad you shared the wisdom!

  2. Angel   •  

    It doesn’t work for me. I have Iphone 4s. I tried many times.
    My screen is BLACK and still in loading process. the apple sign won’t pop out.
    What shall i do?

  3. wea   •  

    your the best!! i love u..it did work..

  4. Larry   •  

    thank you

  5. bradley   •  

    what if your lock/sleep button is broken or not working????!!!

  6. bjdai   •  

    My jail broken iphone 3gs with ios 5.o suddenly dead while 50% battery was still there. Now there is no any response with itunes as well as reset options like holding the power and home button together for 10 seconds, releasing power button …..
    Please someone help me.

  7. mehr wattoo   •  

    thank you alot..it really helped.

  8. Sam   •  

    OMG it worked you realy dont know wat i have been going through the pass few days withour my phone!!!!!!! You have saved my LIFE bro. Jazakallah.

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