Vista Problem & Solution: Event Notification Service error

I am not claiming i am Vista Fan, but i obviously dont hate Vista Like lots people. I think most people hate Vista Because they dont have Good enough Hardware support to run Vista Smoothly.

I like Vista & Upcomming Windows 7 also.

Recently i Faced a problem with Vista.


Vista Event Notification Service error


I had few antivirus, Spyware Tools, System Blocker in my system. Some how one of this applications blocked a few very important component service. I first noticed while i tried to start Media Player Classic as usual. But it did not start as usual. I got one very interesting error, it did not even started. Says “AFXsocketinit failed”. Then i found some other error too. I restarted my system and got lots other error.

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Automattic Acquired is My Idea

Yesterday i got this notification from matt. That owner company Automattic now the pwner of posted in his blog about this acquisition. Its great to know that they could come to an understanding with yahoo guys.

Now Matt throughs out that domain to us about what to do with it now, but in this mean time this is now redirected to

Here is My Plan about what to do with

#Start a classy email service, you could offer free email service to those who already have account with that username.

#Make a all-in-one wordpress and Automattic portal in its homepage. Like make a platform, a single platform so people could access email, account, infos and all link + download section of

# Also in home page a easy to access all other stuffs from Automattic, like BuddyPress, bbPress and all other project.

# Extended the news section, with something like and post exclusive news not only directly related with wordpress but also about this internet industries. We could also make something like which could grab buzzing news from our whole network of, i think there might be some legal way to do this as like google doing worst with its news section.

And any more suggested, 😀 i also had some more tips to give, but time is short now, its already 04:52 AM here.

But if you people agree and our goal is projected, i think we could try to compete the internet king with this itself.

Best WordPress eCommerce Theme

I am wordpress lover and i have reason for it. I made almost all kind of site from wordpress, like blog(:D), news site, celeb site, magazine site, business site, product base site, membership site, CMS site and many more to come.

But here comes most amazing WordPress eCommerce Theme “WP-Shop” By Sarah Neuber. Its awesome and complete eCommerce theme. It has almost all option that oscommerce or cubecart have. Its the First Of Its kind which not  only looks like ecommerce site but actually have all functionality of an eCommerce Site.


Demo | Screen Shoot | Buy Now

Price Is only $35 USD.

It works for tangible goods and digital goods as well. Supports multible category with complete shopping cart management.

I Liked This theme very very much and decided to make  marketplace using this theme. So anybody want to make a site using this theme need help, from hosting to customization my company ARCom could help and give professional service. Please contact

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Finding International Dialing Code

Today had to find some Int dialing code. Got call from interesting no then had to find out which country it is.

I find 2 sites specially very useful and easy.

No 1.

It has alphabetically organized country code for all country. Its very easy to use and very simple.

No 2.

It has nice looking layout. Its gives extended service too like some time dialing codes differs on from which country we are dialing. This site is nice, it shows different time on calling country and from where its been called.

Milestone Movies: From Koyaanisqatsi to Samsara

Koyaanisqatsi DVD

Just started my journey with film tech. As I am doing one workshop with Tareque Masud, watched one amazing movie, called Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance. Directed By Godfrey Reggio, Music By Philip Glass, Cinematography, Editing & Written By Ron Fricke.  It's a Movie without dialog, acting, traditional script. And yet its nowhere close to those boring documentary. Its superb. Just find out this movie is a Trilogy. And now finding resource about rest of the movie.

Koyaanisqatsi DVD
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Check And Get Latest Flash Player

General user and we webmaster needs to check weather we have latest flash player and link to download latest flash Player.

Yesterday was facing problem with flash cab version for my on development project

Check Flash Version:


***Just scroll down, you will find “Current Flash Player versions”, so check if you have latest.

Download Latest Adobe Flash Player:

Direct Download Link:

Oscars 2009:81st Academy Awards Results

I was personally dieing to see the result, This year we have some controversies, All Asian people and Asian Origin was concern about Slumdog Millionaire, We just wanted the  success of  A. R. Rahman. Thats here comes the result. A.R.Rahman wins both 2 Oscars. We are all delighted.

Slumdog Millionaire wins altogether 8 Oscars out of 10 Nominees. Rock On Slumdog Millionaire.

Here we have full result with Nominees. Winners indicated in Red.

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QBasic: Overview Of a Startup Programming Language [Download Link]

I learned this like 10-12 years ago. I was not a childhood programmer, so I might learned that lately, now kids in 5th or 6th grade learn QBasic. Though I think  we should teach our juniors C as the first programming Language. QBasic is pretty much waste of time and no future at all. But Kids feel it easy and would like to play around, then its cool. BTW I don't argue with the main basic logic to teach QBasic to school kids.

I had to search around for QBasic for my Little sister. As I found that the main download link and basic information of QBasic is not such organised, so here I thought I might help kids.

Main info about QBasic:

Download Link:

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AdSense Down ATM! How Come?

I was working on some project. Was using AdSense For Domain For The first time. Suddenly figure out adsense down all over the world. I tried few other site, i used proxy, i changed ip, its same result. AdSense Down.

I dont know why this happen, its totally down. I was thinking how much google gonna loose for like 1 min down or like 1Hr down. I am dont know the calculation, Might be nobody else google employee knows it.

Hope it will come back soon.