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As one of the technologies in the Microsoft search vision, Windows Desktop Search (WDS) is the software that enables information workers to quickly find and retrieve e-mail, documents and files on a PC and corporate network. Windows Desktop Search is free with your Microsoft Windows License.
The Windows Desktop Search client offers key benefits for end users, including:

Find Information Fast: You can find the information you need from the thousands of documents and e-mail located on your PC in seconds, improving your productivity.

Search Across Many File Types: Finds results from common file types (such as e-mail, Office documents, images, video, .pdf) with one tool.

Search from Familiar Interfaces: Enables you to quickly initiate searches from the Windows desktop, Outlook or Microsoft Internet Explorer, offering familiarity, convenience and ease of use.

Privacy Protection: Adheres to Windows security and privacy model and doesn’t index sensitive data such as temporary Internet files and cache.

Polite Indexing: File index is built and updated during idle time so user productivity and system performance are not affected.
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IT Managers

Managers and Information Workers
IT Managers
The latest version of Windows Desktop Search is optimized with features that help the enterprise IT manager easily customize, deploy and manage the installation of the software across all users and computers in their organization.
Fast Deployment

Deploy and update using Microsoft’s System Management Server (SMS), Windows Group Policy and SUS.

Distribute WDS like other Windows components through the package installer (formerly update.exe).

Control software updates.
Easy Manageability

Apply Windows Desktop Search Group Policy settings to control what end users can index, search, retrieve or launch.

Define intranet search scopes, add or exclude certain sites/drives, and control programs launched from search results.

Support for multi-user environment and non-administrator users.

Fully globalized product with Multilingual User Interface (MUI) support.

Supported by full array of enterprise service offerings ranging from an online knowledge base to Premier support contracts.
Extensible Platform

Integrate desktop search results into other business applications by using the desktop search query APIs.

Enable your users to index proprietary or industry specific file types and content repositories by writing and deploying IFilters and protocol handlers.

Integrates with enterprise search solutions to provide a single entry point to search internal repositories of information.
Microsoft Outlook Integration
To provide a more integrated desktop search experience from within Outlook, IT managers can also deploy the enterprise-enabled MSN Search Toolbar. Get more information on how the MSN Search Toolbar can benefit information workers here.
Learn more about the features and benefits of Windows Desktop Search.
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Managers and Information Workers
Useful, Actionable Results

Results pane displays helpful summary information of results and a clear graphical representation (with the reading pane or thumbnail previews and icons).

Results are refined and categorized quickly using simple buttons and menus.

One-click action to move, delete, copy, attach to e-mails, drag and drop files.

Easily send new e-mail, reply or forward directly from results.

Access files in their native applications or launch applications directly from results.
Documents and Files On-Demand

Find results from over 200 common types (e-mail, Office docs, images, video, Adobe .pdf, etc) with one tool. See a complete list of supported file types.

Quickly search e-mail (Outlook and Outlook Express) to find the message you are looking for. With the optional Lotus Notes add-in find your Lotus Notes e-mail messages.

Supports search for a wide range of document formats (even when included as attachments) and can add support for more through add-ins.
Search from within Applications

Works with Windows and Outlook offering convenience, comfort and more functionality.

Helps information workers save time enabling them to initiate searches from Internet Explorer, Outlook or the Windows desktop..

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